Fun facts:

The first two letters of my name predicted my career.

Professional spanglisher and AD Nerd.

The second human being in the world that made both portfolio programs in
Miami Ad School.

Spotify playlist/meme curator.

Waves inspire me and I come from a landlock country.

Wine is great, but greater is that your last name means “Vineyard”.
Yup, you can call me: Adriana Vineyard.

You’d be impressed of how diverse I am.

I would love to aspire to be a stand up comedian in a near future.

Curious Outsider

I was one of those kids that wanted to know everything when I already knew that all I wanted was to create & travel.

My debut as a creative was on my 8th birthday when my parents gave me my first camera and I started photographing everything. Still do, but with a reflex one.

I’ve been a constant traveler. From the high altitudes of my city to a family farm in Germany. I found myself in the big Argentinian metropolis where I started Miami Ad School - a place that opened my mind and where I became a concept fan and hater. I believe that everything must be done with a concept if you want great results. Makes it successful, from a proposal to a campaign. 

Coffee is my weapon and looking for references is my hobby. Both addictions placed in my first advertising journey in 
McCann Buenos Aires.

I’m a curious outsider, title I gave myself while concepting in
BBDO Atlanta. The perk of being an outsider is that you realize insights quicker, example New Yorkers say the word “like” like any other English-speaking human, ever. One of the great things I learned during my time in New York at Saatchi and Saatchi.

Belonged to
Borderless Grey Buenos Aires’ team as Jr and Semi Senior Art Director for a year. Borderless is a creative hub of Grey that works directly with and for London. Place where I mastered my presentation skills to clients and team, both in Spanish and English.
Fact: I never went to the agency and met my team mates in real life my very last day there.  

Keep learning is a must in the industry, that’s why I’m a M.AD School alumni and still student about to get my second diploma as a Copywriter. At the same time trying to make the best of opportunities recently I was a mentee in the One Club Mentorship Program with
GS&P San Francisco.

Now currently in my motherland working remotely for
Wunderman Thompson Tokyo and starting my apprenticeship at Droga 5 New York.

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